We are the people writing the posts. We don’t use our real names to protect our identities, and these bios may be made-up.

Lula from London
She started this blog. She may or may not live in London. She’s been single for 28 years and grew up in the Mormon belt. That’s why she had to leave in her late twenties. ūüėČ

And, she’s getting married to a great guy that she dated for two years and waited a whole life for. Nearing the end of singlehood, she decided that the book she never had during those years needed to be written before she forgot all of the chapters, so she started this blog and asked random spinsters to join her!

Miss Jones

Hello Singleton World!¬† I’m Miss Jones.¬†¬†I’ve been single for 29 years and have been a Spinster for¬†6¬†of those years.¬†¬†Just to clarify,¬†a Spinster is¬†a woman still unmarried beyond the usual age¬†of marrying.¬† So for we Mormon girls Spinsterhood starts at the early age of just 23 (because 22, according to my research, is the average or usual age when Mormon girls get married).¬†

I was born¬†and raised on the Mormon belt.¬† However, I have made it a point in my life to come to know other peoples and cultures through travel and study.¬† I have been to every continent in the world except for Antartica and have traveled to nearly 40 different countries and have even lived abroad.¬† I¬†hope that¬†because of my travels my life view is a little more broad than the average Mormon-belt Mormon Spinster.¬† I at least like to tell myself I’m well-rounded.¬†

I have recently inherited this blog from Lula (as the Singleton world¬†lost her to marriage a few months back).¬† I hope you continue to¬†enjoy reading this blog¬†and leaving comments.¬† I’ll do my best to inform and entertain, but I can’t promise anything…and you shouldn’t expect anything.¬† I mean, I don’t get paid for doing this…it is just for fun.¬† So enjoy (or not).¬† Whatever you want.



  1. I loved the article “you’re not too picky”. It made me laugh out loud. I’m 27 and single and it’s so nice to know someone can relate to how I’m feeling!!

  2. I have recently moved to alabama from hawaii. I’ve found that the people here will not associate with anyone outside there little cliques. Since I cant stand this place I’ve been looking at new places to move. Im considering utah and going to school at suu. I’ve heard that mormon girls will not date guys who are not mormon. Is this true? I dated a mormon girl while I was at the u of h but mormons are the minority there and I think she had no choice to date a non mormon if she wanted to date. Will I be able to have a social life in utah if Im not religious?

  3. The short answer: Yes!

    You will find religious people, but that’s true of any place you live. If you’re looking for a Mormon girl (because, after all, we ARE amazing) then that’s understandable.

    But yes, you can have a social life in Utah, Salt Lake especially.

  4. My friend told me that at BYU the singles wards set people up on blind dates by drawing their names out of a hat. Is this true? When during the meetings do they do this?

  5. Yep…. this is true. My dad is a bishop on Campus at BYU and he has resorted to this blind date tactic simply because the guys DON’T DATE… yeah… it’s your fault guys. Because you don’t ask out the girls… opting for hanging out instead… the bishoprics are at their wits end in trying to get their congregations married and I having lived through that myself when I was at BYU have only one question: Why? How hard is it really? Okay that was two questions… but in reality, and being what I like to think is a typical girl…. I would be totally wowed if a guy called me up and asked me for a date. What a concept.

  6. wow drawing names out of hat? Yeah, why is it that they are so scared to ask us out. I love this blog. I found anoter one like it, it even has tips for guys.

  7. hello miss Jones
    I’m clara from Iran
    I have been lived aone for 31 years
    being singl in Iran is not easy at all
    our people dont like to have high relationship with single girls . for example finding house is more difficult and usually I say : I married but my hazband is working another city !!

  8. Hi Miss Jones,
    My name is Michelle and I just found your blog today. I absolutely love it! I hope you keep the humor coming….I need it! My youngest sibling (9 years younger than me) is getting married (all my other siblings are already married) and reading some of the posts today really helped lift my spirits!

  9. I was a couple months into this, my sixth semester, before I was asked out on a date and to be his girlfriend (study sessions before that, yes we are in the same class). So yes girls it is possible to be asked out on a date at BYU or BYU-Idaho (he did the asking, I was surprised). I can honestly say though no wedding bells yet. This man (26) is going on his mission in the Fall. Single again but don’t fret I will be going next year on my mission. I am currently 21 so that will put me at 22 when I go. Yea I will definitely not be getting married anytime too. I love this blog. Thanks for writing it.

  10. i will be the new guest writer

  11. if people actually read the blog

    • I read the blog and have it alert me on me email when there is a new post. I was shocked to see someone posted out here since it’s been so long since the last post. Oh and by the way, I’m still single at 31….

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