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Want to be a writer on The Single Mormon Girl’s Guide to Life?

Email us at singlemormongirl (at) g m a i l (dot) com with a link to your current blog or a post that you think would be a good guest post. We look forward to hearing from you!



  1. I am currently a life-coach and finishing up a degree in Psychology. My thesis is “Singles in a Married Church”. While my thoughts basically revolved on divorced ‘singles’ over 30, there are many principles that would be helpful to any single. Give it a look-see, and let me know if you are interested in some of my experience.

    • i am curious what your blog is.

  2. I am a lds matchmaker, having matched over 87 couples, with 19 sealed in the temple. I write a blog, with some occasional fun stuff for singles. Anywho, would love to be a guest writer!
    PS I am 32 , never married, and LDS.

  3. you need to have some current posts. it looks vacant. single girls are far more common than single men. some of the articles are outdated and need more to it. like the player. it is true that in a lot of cases ‘the player’ is more focused on his image, but not always his hair and looks, but how he looks to other people. i would like to see more articles talking about women and fitting in a single’s ward. the awkwardness of being single and feeling left out.

    • I’m with Jen on this one.
      I found your Blog yesterday and I read all your posts.
      A huge thanks to Lula in London and to you Miss Jones.

      The Posts and Topics are very good, but it needs some more additions, I also love the fact that this blog didn’t stop because the original creator got married but that it was passed on.
      I don’t know but I heard one Sunday last year that we women (singles) are to be estimated to be soon a large number, outnumbering men in our church. Which means many of us might remain single for a longer period of time… lol

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