Posted by: Miss Jones | December 3, 2008

Submit Your Questions for Miss Jones


Okay, okay fans of The Single Mormon Girl’s Guide to Life… I know I, Miss Jones, as new head Spinster have not posted much yet, but hold tight…I promise I will. 

So here’s the deal…while I am finishing up my final papers for this semester’s grad school courses (yes, Miss Jones doesn’t just sit around all day and blog…she is in graduate school and working full-time) will any of you who have questions you want me to answer or topics you want covered please go under the tab called “Submit Your Single Situation Questions” and submit your topic or question there? 

Then over Christmas break when I am free from school and work I will do my best to blog away and answer all your questions in the order they are received or in the order I feel like answering them in. 

Some people have already submitted questions either through the “Submit Your Single Situation Questions” tab or by leaving questions under the comment sections for various posts.   I will answer those questions just as soon as possible.  Just give me a couple of weeks to get school work done and Christmas planned and the rest of my life ironed out and I’ll answer your questions. 

Have happy holidays everyone!  All the best, Miss Jones



  1. How do you politely tell people that the Kristen Oaks ‘story’ is not as comforting or inspirational as they seem to think it is? I am sure she is a lovely and inspirational woman, but the whole ‘if you don’t get married now, you might end up becoming an Apostle’s second wife’ moral I keep hearing is not useful in any sense. Same with the whole ‘opportunity to get married in the next life’ statements I get. I may be 30 and single, but I am enjoying my life and I haven’t given up, nor am I dead, so why do people feel the need to console me?

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