Posted by: Lula in London | September 22, 2008

World, Meet Miss Jones…

Dear Readers,

When I started this blog awhile ago, I would have never guessed it would be so popular. It was just a way for me to share some observations I found while being a single Mormon girl approaching 30, hoping that it would benefit someone else. It’s been a lot of fun, and there have been some really great comments. So thank you all for being cool.

But then, life happened: Dissertation. Illustrating a Children’s Book. Founding a Charity. Marriage. This blog became a lower priority than it deserved. And while a part of me will always be a “spinster”, I know that in the singleton world, a spinster’s advice expires the day she says, “I do.” (or “yes” or whatever)

So I’ve handed the reigns over to the very lovely and ever talented Miss Jones. Who a few years back hijacked a train with me in Germany using chocolate bribes and took over the announcement system.

This blog is in good hands. She’s funny and doesn’t sugar coat things. She’s been to over 40 countries. She’s not afraid to go to a movie by herself, and there really is no reason why she’s still single. Which is the case for a lot of single girls out there. So you can relate to her, because she’s just as cool as you, and has some great ideas on how to use “single time” to the fullest, as well as what to say to those folks who don’t get you at all.

So adieu. Until then, my pledge to you is to never ask you why you aren’t married, I won’t try to set you up with a hermit, and I will bail you out of that conversation with the ward member about your love life.

All the best,



  1. I love it. My friend and I have a blog of our single journey, feel free to check it out too. I will definitely start reading this one!

  2. Well, heck, Lula where’s the rest of the story? I stumble across this blog to get ideas for my own am loving what you have to say and suddenly you turn hypocrite, “I know I gave you all this great wisdom for how to survive being a celestial single in a telestial world but oops, gotta run, my prince is here. Pip pip cheerio, losers!”
    I demand details. Guess I’ll just have to write that book “writing a book what chapters would you like to see” myself. please don’t sue me for stealing your best lines.

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