Posted by: Lula in London | January 16, 2008

Writing a book, what chapters would you want to see?

Hi all,

I am nearly overwhelmed by the amount of readers that have started reading my single blog, and am thinking of designing a cool book to put on the coffee tables–um hot chocolate tables–in single apartments of hip single people (and references for marrieds). If I were to write such a book, what topics would you like me to cover in addition to the ones on this blog?

Thanks! Don’t be shy!



  1. Don’t submit your manuscript to Deseret Book Publishing, I don’t think Sheri Dew will allow it. In 2007 I submitted a short manuscript to Deseret Book titled “Quotes for Singles” containing photos of each general authority and their words of wisdom. These leaders included Brigham Young to the present. I also included every quote I could find directed at single men and the consequences they would face in procrastinating their marriages. It was rejected. That rejection letter, interestingly enough, was signed by Lisa Mangum whose book “The Hourglass Door” was just another Twilight. Go figure.
    Anyway your book is still a great idea. You could have chapters such as: Utah’s imbalanced sex ratio among singles, the Mormon Sexual Culture, The Sexual Economics Theory in Utah, Why Utah leads the nation in porn consumption, Why Utah leads the nation in video game sales, How porn and video game sales are affecting single adults in the church, What happens when good priesthood holders come out of the closet and how this affects the dating pool, why we have 137 current temples in operation but try and find 7 FIRST TIME temple marriages in just ONE family ward somewhere in the world (blended families and stepparents who sought temple divorce so they could remarry not included) and discuss what this says about the importance of marriage in the church-we love to marry so much we do it…again, and again, and again…OK I’ll stop now.

  2. First of all – much thanks I just discovered this website and it is a comfort 🙂

    Ideas for chapters
    1. Flirting: how to
    2. How to tell if he likes you back
    3. Girls and missions
    4. Navigating a “dtr”
    5. The ” L” word
    6. It’s okay not to be ” Molly mormon”
    7. Comforting doctrine for singles
    8. You can be happy no matter what
    9. Love is never wasted- don’t be afraid

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